If you’ve had a time in your life where it felt like everything hits you all at once and you’re stuck right smack in the beginning of trying to work through it all, then this post will be for you. I’m talking about the country song type of situation. When you have multiple stressors happening and feeling overwhelmed, pick the biggest stressor out of all of them to work through first. This biggest stressor will keep you up at night, it will constantly be on your mind. By trying to problem solve the biggest stressor will hopefully find you the most relief to move on to the other problems. Being mindfulness of your situation and try not to take things personally has also helped me. Focusing on the bigger picture of things and not letting one small detail get you to downward spiral. I’ve been practicing deep breathing and meditation. This doesn’t mean that you have to go buy a fancy yoga mat and get tight fitting yoga clothes — it’s simply tuning into your body. You can do this in bed. Obviously, you want to be awake but start small and work your way up. I will post more about deep breathing and meditation later on. What has helped you overcome such overwhelming situations?

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